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About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
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About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet

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EmplawyerNet has been bringing lawyers and law students job and career-related information on-line since 1992 and on the Internet since 1996. We have had thousands of satisfied customers and the comments below represent just a fraction of the positive comments we have received over time.

"I found my current legal position through EmplawyerNet. I would recommend this website to anyone who is looking for a legal position, no matter what the practice area may be. Whether you are interested in working for a non-profit to a large firm, EmplawyerNet will be a most useful tool."
MA, New York, NY

"I wanted to drop you this note . . . to express my opinion about the wonderful service you provide. I must have received 10-12 e-mails PER DAY with potential job opportunities which fit my criteria. Not only did this save me the time and drudgery of checking the various job sites . . . myself, but it gave me hope that there was something out there for me, even during those times when the search was not going well. Thank you again for a great service, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who may ask."
BH, Los Angeles, CA

"I have successfully found a job through EmplawyerNet. Thank you for your wonderful service."
MY, Los Angeles, CA

"We posted an opening for a real estate attorney on EmplawyerNet's site and promptly filled the position. Thank you for a great service."
JS, Law Firm, New York

"I want you to know how valuable I found your service during my job search, and I have recommended your site to other job seekers or those who are just contemplating a change. I would also highly recommend it to employers as an efficient, easy way to reach a wide job base. Thank you!"
AC, La Canada, CA

"[EmplawyerNet] is the best job search service on the net for lawyers."
TV, Gainesville, FL

"I'll never advertise in the Daily Journal again! EmplawyerNet gave me the opportunity to explain in detail my specialized practice and the type of lawyer I was looking to hire. I interviewed five qualified candidates who came to me through EmplawyerNet and hired one of them."
PM, Long Beach, CA

"THANK YOU!!! I just accepted a terrific offer in Seattle, Washington. I would never have been aware of the opportunity without Emplaywernet. Great Service -- I will continue to tout it to my friends."
JH, Burlingame, CA

"I have obtained a patent attorney position in suburban MD by using your service. I want to tell you how much your service helped in my search for a first attorney position straight out of law school. No fee and direct access to a potential and eventual employer. Once we made contact it took two days for an offer and acceptance. Thank you again for a wonderful service."
NW, Silver Spring, MD

"Success! We have hired a recent law school graduate through Emplawyernet.com. We received about 150 resumes from various recruitment sources and selected four for interviews, all referred through Emplawyernet.com. Thank you for providing an effective source for us."
Carol Bernacchi
Executive & Professional Staffing
United Airlines

"I used the Emplawyernet service and was very pleased with the results. I got far more quality referrals than I expected and almost immediately. I ended up hiring two of the people. It was by far the fastest, highest quality and most cost effective recruiting tool I have used, not only in my management of legal related companies over the past 10 years, but in my 15 years as a business manager."
Brett Johnson
President of American Research Corporation

"Yeah, it's another stupid testimonial, but I have to say, I was amazed that I found my job through your service. This job just fell into my lap, or rather my e-mail box, and it's the best job! I couldn't have designed a better job. Keep up the good work, and thanks! :-)"
JE, Tacoma, WA

"I was able to locate employment through your service and am relocating to North Carolina. Thanks for the help."
SD, Miami, FL

"I used your services and found the ultimate job."
BL, Davis, CA

"Just wanted to let you know that after signing up with your service, I responded to an opening that came to me through your email service, and accepted employment with a San Diego firm which is opening a new branch office here in Las Vegas. It's a fantastic opportunity, but without the email notice of this opening, it's doubtful that I would have found it so soon. I got a real jump on everyone else, and all because of you. Thanks very much !! I've signed up for several such services...they don't offer nearly what you provide, and you're far and away the BEST!"
TCM, Las Vegas, NV

"EmplawyerNet has been great, thank you for the service. I have found a job! Thank you!"
KT, Huntington Beach, CA

"Finding the perfect job requires patience (I was a member of EmplawyerNet for nine months before our efforts paid off), diligence and expert career placement assistance. Thanks to EmplawyerNet, my job search was even more successful than I ever imagined it could be! Keep up the good work. Thanks again for everything!"

"I responded to approximately 12 of the notices I found from your service, and was ultimately offered a position by an employer whose ad I found on the day after signing up...if I can be of any service to you by way of assisting in your advertising effort or answering questions or communicating with others, I will, of course, be pleased to do so. Certainly, the twenty or thirty dollars...I invested in your service was a bargain which my family and I will be benefiting from for many years to come!"
SJM, Douglasville, GA

"I have been trying to find an in-house position after ten years as a litigation attorney. I just landed a really great job as an in-house counsel for a construction company in the midwest. I am a very satisfied customer. I would recommend your service to anyone seeking legal employment. I shall certainly return to the ranks of your active membership the next time I desire another position."
JAS, Buffalo, NY

"Think your idea of a database with nontraditional jobs is a great idea."
AK, Scottsdale, AZ

"Mission accomplished: I got an offer from a law firm based on an ad I found looking at your database."
SM, Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you for your fantastic Web site! It was very helpful."

"Your service is terrific. I am impressed by what you have to offer. No criticisms whatsoever."
JDD, Calabasas, CA

"I can highly recommend the service to all the lawyers in search of better positions. This is a time-saver of incredible magnitude."
JLS, Salem, OR

"Thanks again for all of your assistance. Your service is the best one on the Internet."
KG, Washington, D.C.

"Joining EmplawyerNet has been the best thing I have done in my search for a position in an area to which my wife and I are trying to relocate. I have continued to be amazed at the quantity and quality of the leads listed, and the speed with which they are communicated to members."
KK, Bellaire, TX

"Thanks to your service I have accepted a new position that perfectly matches my needs and desires. I'm happy to say that the position I accepted I found with your service within the first week of joining... I have recommended your services to my many associates who are looking for different positions. I think that one of the best aspects of your service is that it allows a person to be aware of opportunities that might fit their needs without expending the energy a total job search takes. Thank you."
DRW, Morristown, NJ

"I found a job using EmplawyerNet 48 hours after the job was listed. Thanks!"
EDR, Whittier, CA

"[EmplawyerNet provided] very helpful information (e.g., links to other sites, articles, etc.) that were beneficial to my search. In addition, the job postings gave me a general ideas as to what jobs were out there, and how to revise my resume. Thanks."
MCH, El Paso, TX

"Thank you for your service. I found your site very useful. I will tell anyone I meet how useful your service is and encourage them to join."
RKB, San Francisco, CA

"You guys are doing a great job."
JRW, Pasadena ,CA

"You have been most helpful, and thank you for all the information. I will and have already recommended your service to other law students."
JT, Rochester Hills, MI

"Thanks for your assistance. The job directory has been encouraging, thank you."
HEH, Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks for the Rodent book on lawyers. Very funny and insightful..."
GPW, New York, N.Y.

"Though not yet employed, I find EmplawyerNet the best source of legal jobs available. Congratulations on your success."

"I have never ever had a service (both on the Internet, and off the Internet) that has provided me with such courtesy and promptness. Keep up the great work!"
KSA, San Francisco, CA

"Thanks to Emplawyernet, I found a great new job. Thank you."
TL, Palatine, IL

"Thanks a lot for all of your referrals! I was offered a job at the US Department of Labor last week! Thank you so much for all you help."

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