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About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet
About EmplawyerNet

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Putting EmplawyerNet to work for you is simple and, honestly, very inexpensive. It costs just pennies a day and whether you are actively looking for employment, seeking an alternative to the job you have, or just keeping on top of what exists out in the market, you owe to yourself and your career to make EmplawyerNet one of the resources at your disposal. All it takes is a few simple steps.

  1. Sign up for membership. EmplawyerNet offers monthly, annual and semi-annual memberships. (There's even a free membership, though the job information at your disposal is limited.) Monthly membership for lawyers is $14.95 a month or $125 per year. Most people are also eligible for discounts. Law students can enroll for just $7.95 a month or $69.95 a year and, again, most will receive substantial discounts from even these low rates. Click here to see the membership choices and to join now.

  2. Fill out your personal profile. Your personal profile is the key to putting EmplawyerNet to work for you. It describes your background and defines how you will use the system. You describe the kind of job you are looking for (for example, in-house or private practice, litigation or tax), the years of experience you have and the geographic region you want to work in. You can also determine whether employers can see your credentials in the system and, if so, whether you will remain anonymous or not. If you choose to remain anonymous, we'll let yiou know if an employer makes an inquiry about you.

  3. Check your email every day. Every day we add new jobs to the EmplawyerNet database and we hand-code them using the same criteria you use to define your job search. When a new job matches your criteria, it is emailed to the address you provide. It's that simple. Of course, you can also search our database anytime you want, either using the code criteria or by a key word search but the real convenience of EmplawyerNet is letting us do the searching every day and then sending you the relevant results. And, yes, we were the first to introduce this to the legal community. Imitators have followed but they are still, well, just imitators.

There are many other valuable tools in EmplawyerNet and many new ones that will be introduced soon, but the best reason for joining EmplawyerNet now is to get in our job network and start hearing about the job opportunities out there. We won't mislead you in saying that there are so many jobs that you will find what you are looking for immediately. We are career professionals who have been in the legal industry for nearly three decades and we know that finding a job, or finding the right one, is often hard and time-consuming work. What we will promise you is that we are working each and every day to find those jobs and bring them to your attention.

Join us today and let us go to work for you!

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